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Reshaping the Education System
Through Effective Technology Integration and Training.

We help established and startup Schools embrace Technology in their Educational Vision by helping them make Effective Technology decisions that will make every parent want to send their child there. We provide practical Training that will equip teachers with the necessary Technology skills they need to engage their students in this Digital age.


Staff Training

We can Train your Teachers to Teach Effectively with Technology​

EdTech Consultancy

We can work with you as a School to Implement EdTech Initiatives

Editing & Proofreading

We can help you Edit & Proofread your Document and Articles

Research Services

We can help with your Research Editing & Online Questionnaire


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Finding the best way to pass across your content and get your students to understand you in an online environment can be quite challenging. This means we must seek different ways to present content to students in such a way that they can understand it, and also remain engaged as
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Educators around the world are transiting to teaching online. Many schools are training & tasking their teachers to create educational videos, which they can use to facilitate online teaching during this period when our schools are still closed. This post will suggest 8 tips for creating educational videos. The Coronavirus cases
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What Learning Management Tools are available for Online teaching? How can we move the Classrooms beyond the four walls of the physical building? Are you a private school owner and you're wondering what tools to use as you move to online teaching? Or an individual teacher just looking to
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