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Removing white backgrounds from images in PowerPoint

You need to do a PowerPoint presentation soon and because you know the importance of images in presentations, you decide to download and use some free images from the website. Alas…most images (icons, logos, charts, graphs etc) on the website were created on a white spreadsheet or background and saved as such.

If you use such an image on a white background in your presentation, then there will be NO problem, but if you attempt it on another background; image background, colored background…then there is trouble lurking!Read More »Removing white backgrounds from images in PowerPoint

Power Off Before Exit

While working on another project involving webcam, I had to mix my webcam with screen recording. I suddenly found myself with Camtasia recording my screen and so decided to do a proper tutorial. In this video tutorial, I showed how to create the Power Navigation button and the Exit button using PowerPoint.Read More »Power Off Before Exit

Using Dropbox App to share files

In the past few weeks and days, I have had cause to make use of Dropbox to share files. I needed to upload a .mp3 audio file to my blog for download only to discover that WordPress doesn’t allow such files. I wanted to send a video to a friend and yahoo won’t allow me attach any file bigger than a certain MB…whatsapp is even worse! I want to send a file to several people without having to upload for each person.

My solution in all cases has been to use the public folder of Dropbox. Read More »Using Dropbox App to share files

Page Numbering in MS Word


My Ignorance!
While in my final year in the university, I had to do a final year project (like we all do) but much more to write a report of the project. My project report was over a 100 pages which included as requested…the Title Page, Acknowledgment, Dedication, List of figures, List of tables, List of Abbreviations, Table of Content, Abstract; then Chapters 1-5, Conclusion, Bibliography! (I hope I didn’t miss out any critical section). The most challenging part of compiling my report was Numbering the entire work in a single document! You know, I had an easy way out but it was only a display of my ignorance.Read More »Page Numbering in MS Word