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This Section will show regularly updated examples of what I’ve been doing and what I can do. Several of them were created in response to the articulate e-Learning challenges and other personal works done. It is noteworthy to mention that all projects listed were created in PowerPoint and so is optimised for viewing as a slide show.


My Flat-tistic Work Environment


This project was all about designing your work environment using flat design. I decided to use a picture of my work set-up which I snapped before and kept in my archives as the reference for this project. Afterwards, I decided to create a flat kitchen space as well after cleaning it up a bit.


Microsoft PowerPoint was my tool for this design and I only used a combination of different shapes. I took care to group elements while working to move them together. I zoomed into specific areas to pay attention to details and include some precision. Finally, attention was given to proportion, so that for example a laptop mouse is not drawn to be the same size of the laptop itself.


It was fun for me and challenging as well. Flat design is very useful when looking for graphics, without needing to spend money for images.

A flat design of my work-desk


Blog Post: My flat-tistic work environment

Time-lapse Video: Flat-design in PowerPoint

From Storyboard to Course Design: Disaster Recovery in an Examination


In response to an e-Learning articulate challenge, this project illustrates the concept of Storyboarding for e-Learning. It explores the definition, popular tools and possible content for a simple storyboard. To properly illustrate this, a previous course (though non-digital) was converted to a digital form from a storyboard a creates as well.


There were two sides to this project. First drafting out the storyboard and then building the course itself. The storyboard was done in Microsoft word while the course itself was created using Microsoft PowerPoint. I discovered that though the time it takes to develop the storyboard (depending on detail included) was much, it made the course creation much easier and eventually faster.


You can understand course design from story-boards to module as you compare the storyboard and the final design.

Blog Post: From Storyboard to Course Design
Download Storyboard template
Download Output e-Learning course


Please Spell It


In response to an e-Learning articulate challenge, Please Spell it is a simple but interactive spelling and vocabulary development quiz. Several children and students usually struggle with the proper use of certain English words that sound alike but have different spellings, I, therefore, decided to go that way in building this e-Learning template.

This course has different sections. First is the quiz part that shows an incomplete sentence with three option words. Then feedback slides for both correct and wrong answers. A juice filled reward cup was used to display the learner’s progress. Finally, a review page was added to show a summary of all words learned and I didn’t forget to add the ‘Exit’ button for learners to easily exit the course once done.


My simple design began from building illustrated characters (also using PowerPoint) that I used across the course. I worked around predefined shapes, free-form curve tools and texts. I created Slide masters for the different aspects of the course – Progress or Reward slides, Correct feedback and Wrong feedback to make my work easier. I incorporated the use of hyperlinks to navigate the various slides.


This can be useful to test employee’s knowledge of certain company information. It is also adaptable to test students in any course module whatsoever. It is generally a Test or Quiz template adaptable for finding out how much learners know your content.

Please Spell It: An interactive Spelling and Vocabulary Quiz

Please Spell It: An interactive Spelling and Vocabulary Quiz

Blog Post Please Spell it
Download Please Spell It


  Meet our Media Team at BYC


This was in response to another articulate challenge to introduce an organisation’s key players or leaders.
This interactive work will show you who each team member is, his position and contribution to the organisation. This is very suited as part of an organisation’s orientation program for new employees. This can also be useful for student’s orientation program to introduce principal academic and non-academic staff members to new students.


I decided to use silhouette images for the team members and make each person clickable. The person we’re introducing stands out in colour while the others simply stay behind backing him up. Navigation is easy from anywhere and you can easily meet any of the team members without following a particular order.


The result is a very simple interaction that helps you easily meet our media team.

Meet our Media Team: e-Learning template to introduce an organisation's team members

Meet our Media Team: e-Learning template to introduce an organisation’s team members

Blog Post Meet our Media Team
Download Meet the Team


  Reach Me

This is a digital interactive form of my academic resume built in PowerPoint which contains my Educational background, Work experience, Voluntary experience, Skills and Contact details. I like it because it not only presents my resume in a visual way but also presents it in an interactive way, using hyperlinks and external Web links to more content.

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