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Staff Training

One of the problems plaguing the education sector isn’t the lack of great teachers who know their content, nor is it really the unavailability of technology in the schools. The real problem is that teachers are not trained to teach effectively with the technology available. Schools with an eye for excellence, productivity and 21st century relevance, pay great attention to the training of her staff members.

Depending on your need, we can propose, organize and run a training program for your teachers. We do not just train teachers to use technology, we do not train them to be efficient with technology, we train teachers to teach effectively with technology.

Do you want to give your school an edge by providing practical technology training for your teachers, thereby increasing their effectiveness and the overall performance of the students? Then contact us for your training.

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EdTech Consultancy

We can work with your school on a consultancy basis and help your teachers teach effectively with technology. We also provide technology advice for an efficient and effective running of the school.

Editing and Proofreading

We can help you edit your document – whether small documents or even larger ones – or even just proofread them. We can also help you format it to an e-book format for publishing on Amazon. We can also edit your research document and even create an online survey/questionnaire for your research purposes.

Private Computer Training

In this 21st century, literacy isn’t just about going to school and becoming a graduate, the new literacy is being computer literate. Old and most particularly young, having a basic understanding of how the computer works and how to perform basic tasks, is a given in this generation.

Whether for you or for your child or even both, we can teach you to use the computer and to perform basic tasks yourself.

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