What makes you ‘Comment’ on or ‘Like’ a Post?

I have remained baffled on a phenomenon I noticed on social media technologies I am presently on – LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and I do blog as well. I have watched as I read several ‘Posts’ on these sharing avenues lately and wondered what the rationale is for readers, that is behind what they comment on and Like. So the questions are what makes readers add a comment or like a post? Was it based on the content of the post? Or was it influenced by who the author of the post is? Is it in any way influenced by personal relationships with the author of the post? Or is it a combination of these factors? I have asked myself these questions over and over as I watched the way people engaged in these.
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My personal Top 10 tools for learning 2014

As I engaged Computer Softwares and tools for my learning this year, a few tools have been very useful for me. I will attempt a list of those tools in no particular order. Thanks to Jane Hart who has requested that we write about our top 10 tools for learning, as a contribution to the 8th annual survey of the top 100 tools for learning 2014.

I actively use both an android tablet and a windows Laptop and so my top tools are across the two platforms. I would specify accordingly.Read More »My personal Top 10 tools for learning 2014