Removing white backgrounds from images in PowerPoint

You need to do a PowerPoint presentation soon and because you know the importance of images in presentations, you decide to download and use some free images from the website. Alas…most images (icons, logos, charts, graphs etc) on the website were created on a white spreadsheet or background and saved as such.

If you use such an image on a white background in your presentation, then there will be NO problem, but if you attempt it on another background; image background, colored background…then there is trouble lurking!Read More »Removing white backgrounds from images in PowerPoint

My personal Top 10 tools for learning 2014

As I engaged Computer Softwares and tools for my learning this year, a few tools have been very useful for me. I will attempt a list of those tools in no particular order. Thanks to Jane Hart who has requested that we write about our top 10 tools for learning, as a contribution to the 8th annual survey of the top 100 tools for learning 2014.

I actively use both an android tablet and a windows Laptop and so my top tools are across the two platforms. I would specify accordingly.Read More »My personal Top 10 tools for learning 2014

Meet Our Media Team: e-Learning Template

In my third year in school, I did my 4-week internship in a broadcasting station. As eager and excited as I was to start work, my first assignment was to meet and know the team. I remembered the media world this week, thanks to Community member Cecilia Bernal and e-Learning challenge anchor David Anderson.

In this week’s Articulate Challenge, we were to design an interactive graphic to introduce an organisation’s key players or leadersRead More »Meet Our Media Team: e-Learning Template

Please Spell It!

About three or so weeks ago, the e-Learning challenge anchored by David Anderson on the e-Learning heroes was to design a spelling and interactive vocabulary quiz in line with the US national spelling bee. Just after the e-Learning podcasts last week, I decided to try my hands on the spelling quiz and I came out with something… (don’t even know how to describe it). Anyway coupled with that, Tom Kuhlmann posted a tutorial on creating Illustrated Character from images using the curve tool in PowerPoint. I also decided to try it out and then use it in the quiz.Read More »Please Spell It!