My Digital Story: Topic, Script and Storyboard

I have just finished a coursera online MOOC on Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling. I have decided to write a series of blog posts to share my lessons learned, experience and finished story of the course. You may want to read earlier posts before going ahead with this.

1. Digital Storytelling: Introductory Post

Sometime in September, I was to begin a series of posts to share my learning experience from a coursera online MOOC I took recently on Digital Storytelling and its educational uses. Unfortunately after that first introductory post (you may want to consider reading the first post), work took me up and I couldn’t blog through. However, I have decided I will still document and share my experience with a few other blog posts and here it is! Therefore, in this blog post I will introduce my topic, its educational audience and uses, my script and show you my storyboard for my story.Read More »My Digital Story: Topic, Script and Storyboard