Principles of Storyboarding for e-Learning design: A digital story

I have just finished a coursera online MOOC on Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling. I have decided to write a series of blog posts to share my lessons learned, experience and finished story of the course. You may want to read earlier posts before going ahead with this.

1. Digital Storytelling: Introductory Post

2. My Digital Story: Topic, Script and Storyboard

3. My Digital Story: Gathering and Creating Image and Video Resources

4. Audio Narration and Background Music in Digital Storytelling

Title of Digital Story: Principles of Storyboarding.

Software or Tool?
I began my work in Microsoft PowerPoint and finished it in WeVideo. I added transitions and time delays depending on a close approximate of the narration per slide and frame. I saved the PowerPoint as a movie file (without any audios) and imported the video to WeVideo site after creating a free account. I imported my audio narration and music track and aligned them to the right sections of the video. I exported the final video in WeVideo.Read More »Principles of Storyboarding for e-Learning design: A digital story