Tech Tools & Tips Podcast

The Tech Tools & Tips podcast focuses on sharing technology tools, apps & general tips for productivity and for life in general. It will suggest tools, review tools, compare apps & tools and share practical use of these tools. The podcast is aimed at the general public, especially teachers.

Estimated Episode Time: 15 mins

The learning is in the discussion and it will continue on social media using the hashtag #TTTips. You can also tweet me at @Danno4krist.

List of Episodes till date

Below is a list of all the episodes till date. You can click on each one to see details of the episode and to also listen to the podcast.

#4 Automatically Backup your Photos with Google Photos

#3 Keeping Lists & Notes with Google Keep

#2 Scanning A Document With Your Smartphone

#1 Introducing Tech Tools & Tips Podcast

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Have you been trying to do something on your mobile device & you don’t know how? Are you wondering if something is possible with technology? Do you have an idea for the podcast, then kindly reach out to me on Twitter at @Danno4krist¬†or write an email to