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Meet Our Media Team: e-Learning Template

In my third year in school, I did my 4-week internship in a broadcasting station. As eager and excited as I was to start work, my first assignment was to meet and know the team. I remembered the media world this week, thanks to Community member Cecilia Bernal and e-Learning challenge anchor David Anderson.

In this week’s Articulate Challenge, we were to design an interactive graphic to introduce an organisation’s key players or leadersRead More »Meet Our Media Team: e-Learning Template

Video Training completely Mobile – Concept, Tools and Processes


It is getting interesting by the week as we proceed in the weekly articulate e-Learning challenges. This week’s challenge required us to examine the process chain of producing a how-to video to be used in a course, using low-budget mobile devices, especially the smartphone. I must confess that this is the first time I am creating a video training, so it was a great learning experience for me, from concept, to shooting video, to editing and making ready for publish. It was a great week and video-tistic one as that!Read More »Video Training completely Mobile – Concept, Tools and Processes

Power’s out? Pen and Paper in!

Digital tools have soon overtaken the simple and fast methodology of design with our hands, using pen and paper…and what happens when power’s out? Or someone abducts your digital tools as Jackie illustrates?

This week’s e-learning challenge is to create a short emergency-response course using pen and paper. I soon discovered I no longer have a pencil and eraser and crayon and needed to borrow my little sister’s. A nice challenge it was!Read More »Power’s out? Pen and Paper in!

Please Spell It!

About three or so weeks ago, the e-Learning challenge anchored by David Anderson on the e-Learning heroes was to design a spelling and interactive vocabulary quiz in line with the US national spelling bee. Just after the e-Learning podcasts last week, I decided to try my hands on the spelling quiz and I came out with something… (don’t even know how to describe it). Anyway coupled with that, Tom Kuhlmann posted a tutorial on creating Illustrated Character from images using the curve tool in PowerPoint. I also decided to try it out and then use it in the quiz.Read More »Please Spell It!

Page Numbering in MS Word


My Ignorance!
While in my final year in the university, I had to do a final year project (like we all do) but much more to write a report of the project. My project report was over a 100 pages which included as requested…the Title Page, Acknowledgment, Dedication, List of figures, List of tables, List of Abbreviations, Table of Content, Abstract; then Chapters 1-5, Conclusion, Bibliography! (I hope I didn’t miss out any critical section). The most challenging part of compiling my report was Numbering the entire work in a single document! You know, I had an easy way out but it was only a display of my ignorance.Read More »Page Numbering in MS Word

My Productive Android Apps

Almost everyone has a smartphone now and probably every 8 out of 10 young people use an android phone or an android device including me! One of the greatest benefits of smartphones is the use of Apps that serve us, give us some form of entertainment, give us productivity and generally make life easier for us. Out of the several Apps I have on my android tablet, I decided to show you 3 of my most productive apps and do a little review of them.Read More »My Productive Android Apps

Effective Examination Preparation

Hello guys, I’m learning to build e-Learning courses on various topics, with a focus on training and helping others know what I know. The e-Learning Category will be to show such professional works. Visit here regularly for such.

It is amazing what can be done using PowerPoint and I’ve been learning by playing with it for designs of e-Learning courses in recent times and this was one of those ‘plays’ I designed just getting familiar with how it works. I did this using hyperlinks!Read More »Effective Examination Preparation